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  AnGen International, Inc., and its China division, Shanghai I/E Warehouse and Distribution Ltd., provide our customers great value in industry product manufacturing such as Fittings, Valves and Kitchen Utensil. For further product information, please contact us or our office in China. 



AnGen International, Inc.

6492 Bannister Court, Lisle, IL 60532 USA

Phone: (630) 544-8208   Fax: (630) 416-4371

Email: shanghai@angen-intl.com


Shanghai I/E Warehouse and Distribution Ltd.

B.1606 Yinxiao Mansion, No.6269 Humin Road

Shanghai 201100 CHINA

Tel: +86-21-3412 0467  Fax: +86-21-5416 9600

Email: shanghai@angen-intl.com











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