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The leather is made of a kind of special goatskin in China. The nap of leather is even, fine and soft, which feels like the silk. Its thickness is even and flexibility with good extension. This leather chamois has strong pulling, so that, it can be washed and used repeatedly. In addition, it could clean the oil strain and fingerprint on the goods without leaving any trace. Making the surface more bright. Through the special processing, the special fiber buildup and fiber crevices can absorb the dint and maintain the screen. After wiping, it will not leave any flocky and make the result more ideal, the effect more better.

The scope of the usage: Apply to the upscale car, motorcycle, the lens of the camera, glasses, glass, computer monitor, upscale musical instrument, instrument, rosewood furniture and so on.

natural leather chamois
rectangle leather chamois
regular leather chamois
leather chamois
leather chamois sponges
patch work
leather surface with nap for clothes


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